Weekly Agenda 5/16-5/22

1. Essential Questions, This week, we will be focusing on just Essential Question number 6, as it ties into the South Asia Project. Remember, for this, I want it in your own words to show that you have a basic understanding of the issue. Anyone can cut and paste information they found, but to truly show understanding, you should put it in your words.
  • Essential Question 6: What are the important and ongoing current issues in South Asia?
2. The Week- as always, due Friday but can be turned in before that. Make sure you know your countries for South Asia. See the spreadsheet on the Plan for Remote Learning. 
3. South Asia Project- Due 5/22- If you haven't already done so, pick one of the topics from the link on the Plan for Remote Learning and put it on the spreadsheet.
4. Google Meet on regularly designated day- you will get a reminder with the link either the night before or morning of. If you have questions about anything, make sure you have them ready in the Meet. 
5. 2 Participations per week- 2 of any of the 3- Google Meet, posting on Essential Question Forum, posting on Student Question Forum.
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