Plan for Remote Learning

Week of 5/8 Essential Questions

  1. Essential Question 1: Explain how does/has geography affected South Asia (notice a new region)

  2. Essential Question 2: Explain how religion, philosophy, or ideology has affected South Asia (notice a new region)

Week of 5/1 Essential Questions

5. How have interactions between civilizations impacted the MENA (Middle East/North Africa)? This question can connect to some of the previous Essential Questions. Feel free to use those previous questions to help you out. Be specific with examples to support your idea.


6. What are the important and ongoing issues in the MENA (Middle East/North Africa)? This should be an easy one if you do your Middle East Project. 


Week of 4/24 Essential questions

3. Explain the role has imperialism played in shaping the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)?

4. Explain how nationalism has been instrumental in changing the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)?

Week of 4/17 Essential Questions

Remember this should be more than just a quick answer. You should have details and specific examples to support your answer. 


  1. Essential Question 1: Explain how does/has geography affected the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)?

  2. Essential Question 2: Explain how religion, philosophy, or ideology has affected the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)?


Here is the plan for how we will be doing remote learning in World Regions. 


Grading rubric and expectations


Your grade will be determined by 2 things:


Participation- Your participation in the class is critical to your learning. Since some people can not meet with the class at all schedule times, there will be many opportunities for students to participate in class. You will be expected to participate at least twice per week in any combination of the following for full participation credit.

You may gain credit for participation by:

Assignment grades- You will be assigned work during this Remote Learning period. Below is what your assignments will be and how they will be graded. Your grade will be a cumulative grade similar to the normal grade that we have had throughout the year, but with a modification. 

The Week

- 100 (turned in by midnight Friday of each week), 50 (turned in no more than 3 days late), or zero (turned in after 3 days late). 


Grading Rubric for all other assignments- The symbols below will equate to a numerical grade in School Brains


/+  above and beyond. (equivalent to an A+)

/    Good enough for credit (equivalent to a B)

/-   Did work, but it wasn’t enough to give credit. Students may go back and fix to gain credit.  (equivalent to a 50)


Small Research- These are smaller assignments such as Culture Checklists, Guided Notes, Film notes, and other possible assignments.


Essential Questions- Every week you will be given 2 essential questions along with the presentation on the region that we are studying. There will also be supporting questions to help you be able to answer the Essential Questions. You will only be required to turn in the Essential Questions, not the supporting questions. For full credit (small research grade), you must answer both questions and your grade will be based on how well you answer. At the end of the unit, all of the Essential questions will be averaged for a summative grade.


Projects- These are larger assignments such as papers, visual presentations, etc.

Will count as a summative grade (in other words, these are more important)


No Quizzes- I would prefer students look at the 40 Maps That Explain the Middle East instead of give a quiz. But, if students want to take map quizzes, we may be able to make that happen.. 


Google meet- We will have a Google meet the first time we meet during the week. Here, we will discuss weekly expectations, answer questions, and check in on everyone to make sure everyone is doing fine. This will be a mix of social and academic. The plan is for this to last no more than half the time we are meeting so that students can work on assignments. I will stay in the meeting the entire time so that students can stay if they want to and ask questions, get clarifications, etc. or for students who can not make the early part of the meeting. Meetings will not be recorded.


Moodle- You still must check this for some assignments such as The Week and the “new” Essential Questions Forum. I will also create a Google Doc for students to share any questions about assignments. The Forum and the Doc will be shared by both B block and D block World Regions classes


Resources and Documents

D Block Spreadsheet

D block Projects and Countries Spreadsheet

B Block Spreadsheet

B block Projects and Countries Spreadsheet

B Block Communication Doc

B Block Communication Doc

D Block Communications Doc

D Block Communication Doc


Remote Learning Essential Questions Forum Essential Questions Forum


Student Questions Forum- 

Share any questions you have about anything having to do with the Remote Learning in this class. Please include the date that you asked the question.

Required assignments


South Asia Issues Project- South Asia Issues


Middle East Project- Copy of Middle East Issues project 


Essential Questions

See the top of page


The Week


2 Participations

South Asia Presentation (Google Slides) 

India ppt


Middle East Presentation (Google Slides) and essential questions- Middle East Power Point

Tech Resources and help- If you are having problems with Chromebook or Wifi, there is help.


GHS Tech Support & Access to Remote Learning

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