Social Studies 1:1 Chromebook Policy

Social Studies 1:1 Chromebook Policy

In every Social Studies class chromebooks are needed, and it is the teacher’s expectation that it will be charged and ready to go each and every day.

If the chromebook battery is not adequately charged, the teacher will make an effort to seat the student near an electrical outlet, although it is the responsibility of the student to have their charger.

Failure to be able to use the chromebook because it is not present or inoperative, will result in a daily grade of zero and a department detention to be served at designated times or at the teacher’s discretion with advanced notice.  Failure to have an operable chromebook on test day will be resolved at the discretion of the teacher. Failure to attend after school session results in a truancy based on the GHS compass (page 35).

It is the student's responsibility to bring their materials, ready to use and in not bringing them the student is agreeing to stay after school for a 30 minute detention regardless of other obligations they have on the instructor’s designated day.

Failure to stay will result in an office detention and correspondence home.




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