Impact Essex County Connections Due 5/22

This week, we are going to look at each other's topics and see where we can draw parallels and connections among the various topics that we are looking at. 

1. Take a look at the other topics that people have chosen (this requires you to go back to the original Impact Essex County Forum, and see what people wrote about certain topics. Depending on the topic you choose and the write up the others gave on them, you may need to do further research. Hopefully, you choose one that someone did a good job on.

2. After looking at other topics and your own, see what connections can be made between the topics. For example, is there a connection between crime rates and home prices, or between poverty and infant mortality? It is up to you what topics you want to connect.

3. After making the connection, write a short statement that explains the connections and how you think one may cause the other or are both caused by the same cause. After you see the connection, can you figure out a way how to fix both issues, by understanding the connections. 

4. Share your response on this forum. 

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