Conformity due 5/1

Watch the following videos and answer the following questions.

Asch Conformity experiment

Mind Field- Conformity

1. In the US, we often talk about the importance of the individual. But, individuals often feel the need to conform. Why do you think that is?

2. In the Asch test, you can see the anguish in some people's faces over not agreeing with the group, but they continue to agree. At what point does an individual break with the group?

3. How can this conformity become dangerous?

4. Have you ever had a situation like the joke experiment, where you didn't find something funny, but laughed anyway?

In the Mind Field video, they reference the Kitty Genovese case we discussed last week. With the new evidence that we have, we see the Genovese case is not about diffusion of responsibility (a person only has a small portion of responsibility in a group setting) but other forms of conformity. What other forms of conformity do we see?

5. In the experimental drug experiment, we see a form of informational conformity. Do you think these types of things happen at social gatherings such as parties?

6. What did the walrus say to the doctor?

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