Milgram Experiment/ The Experimenter film due 4/24

Answer the following questions about the Milgram experiment and the movie about Milgram, The Experimenter

The Experimenter: 

Short documentary on the Milgram Experiment: 

1. Compare Zimbardo and Milgram. Their motivations, their reactions to the response to their videos, etc. 

After see the atrocities of the Holocaust, Milgram was trying to understand how the German people could have so easily followed along with the Holocaust by looking to see if people would be obedient even when they knew what they were doing may have caused hard to others. 

2. Does his experiment prove that people will be obedient even when they know the harm they are doing?

3. Knowing what we know about the Holocaust and looking at Milgram's experiment, how do we use this information to prevent genocide today?

4. Milgram refers to the Agentic State as a  state of mind in which a person will allow other people to direct their behaviors and pass responsibility for the consequences of the behaviors to the person telling them what to do. In other words, if I obey authority, it is their fault, not mine. Does this release of from responsibility?

5. Was the Milgram experiment unethical?

5. Was the experiment a sign of the times? Would the results be different today?

6. Below is a modern replication of the experiment. Has time changed how our society would react to it? Are the participants reasons the same or different?

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