Africa Ethnic Culture Checklist due 2/28

Post your Africa Checklists here. Remember, it is on the Ethnic group you were assigned, not the country you were assigned. 

Name __________________________ 

Culture Checklist  Region __________________________

For the ethnic group you have been given complete the following information

Country found in ______________________________

Major Religions  __________________________________

Major Languages _________________________________________________________

Major Historical Events  __________________________________

Major Historical Figures __________________________________

Unique Customs __________________________________

Staple Food  __________________________________

Example of Unique Food  __________________________________

Paternalistic or Maternalistic __________________________________

Popular forms of entertainment __________________________________

Leaders (either de facto or political)  __________________________________

Common first name (Boy/Girl) _________________/________________

Unique birth ritual  __________________________________

Unique Marriage Ritual _________________________________________

Unique Death ritual __________________________________

Examples of unique dress __________________________________

(include picture if available)

Separate groups: All participants

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