Top Corporate Nations (Actually companies, but they are more powerful than countries)

Below is a link to an article about the most powerful companies in the world. You will be assigned 3 companies to research and explain the following:

1. What industry is the company in? In other words, what do they make, sell, etc. 

2. Company background-

- Where did it start?

-Who is the founder?

- Where is the current headquarters?

-Who owns the company now? Is it publicly or privately owned?

-If public, what is the price for a share of its stock?

- How many countries is the company in, list some. 

- How many employess

3. What is the company valued at

4. How much money did the company bring in for revenues last year? Profits?

5. How much money did the company spend on political campaigns and lobbying last year?

6. What issues are they lobbying for?

7. What are some interesting facts about the company that many people might not know?

8. What is your opinion of the company?

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