Africa Review

Africa/Asia Review


Describe the geography of Africa?

What effect does geography and topography play on Africa?

What were the reasons why Europeans wanted to colonize Africa?

What positive effects did European colonialism have on Africa?

What negative effects did European colonialism have on Africa?

What were the problems after independence in much of Africa?

What is Apartheid- what was its purpose and impact

Who were Idi Amin, Nelson Mandela, Mobutu Sese Seko and Jomo Kenyatta? What did they do and want?

Boer Wars- who, what, where, why?

What are examples of the conflict between tradition and modernization in Africa?

What are the reasons for the crisis of overpopulation in Africa?

What are reasons for the increase in urbanization in Africa?

Which ways did European colonialism promote the development of African nationalism?

What was the Berlin Conference and what impact did it have on Africa?

What was the political situation in African after WWII?.

What were the major ideas about Pan-Africanism?

What African countries remained independent during the 1800s?

Which was the first black African colony to gain independence from Britain?

Before independence, Ghana was known as the ____________ Coast

Africa was known as the ____________ continent.

Mau Mau Uprising- who, what, where, why?

Rwanda genocide- who, what, why?

The influence of traditional African cultures on the West?

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