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April 3-9 South Asia Book questions

These questions may be on your test. You should be familiar with these questions and their answers. 

World Regions and Cultures 11- South Asia

The Shape of the Land (pages 161-164)

  1. What 2 mountain ranges separate South Asia from the rest of Asia?
  2. India or South Asia is called a _________________...
May1-7 East Asia Group Book Work Due 5/19
Directions: The class will be divided into 4 groups. The members of the group will divided the 4 sections among each other. All questions must be answer by May 19. The group will determine who does what work. You will create a Google Doc to share among the group and with me. Each question/section...
May 29-June 4 International Food Fest 6/8

You have been assigned a region that we have studied this year. You will now research their food/cuisine to find a recipe for an authentic dish from that region that the members of the class will share with each other for a celebration of international cuisine. This is a required assignment. As a...