Middle East Issues Project- do not turn in here, share your project with me via email

Middle East research project


You need to explain one of the following issues of the Middle East. Whichever you choose, make sure it focuses on the Middle Eastern portion of the issue. You may present this in any way you want. Some examples- Thesis paper, video, diorama, oral presentation (video?), comic book, 3 dimensional architectural creation, or interpretive dance. Whatever you choose, make sure you check with me beforehand.  Anything that is not digital but hand made- take a picture of it and share it with me with any explanation needed for it. 


As always- cited and proofread. 


  1. Water: There is insufficient water in many areas of the Middle East, most prevalent in Palestine, the Nile Valley and the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley. This will have to be resolved before water ceases to exist in certain areas, which will probably lead to war.


  1. Governments: By this I mean the types of governments that exist today. Monarchies may be on the way out. The problem though is: What will supplant them? The monarchies will not go down without a fight. It is expected that coups will take place. What ideologies will then be used to rule these countries?


  1. Political Islamic Fundamentalism: In every country of the Middle East, one will find Fundamentalist movements. Most have as their goal the overthrow of the existing government and the establishment of an Islamic government based on what took place in Iran in 1979. Can these movements be stopped?


  1. Conflict with the West: Is there really a clash of civilizations? The West wants to contain Islamic Fundamentalism within the borders of the Middle East. Will this be possible?


  1. Terrorism: Currently, terrorism is on the rise with such groups as ISIS, Hizb Allah, and individual al-Qa’ida cells. Terrorist organizations have penetrated Western Europe and the United States. The United States has identified Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Libya as sponsors of terrorism at different points in time. Will this continue? And if so, how should the West counter such terrorism? How should Middle Eastern society deal with the issue?


  1. Oil: What will happen when oil begins to be depleted in certain nation-states of the Middle East? Will another take-over like Iraq did to Kuwait occur? What about the price of oil? Will gas prices continue to rise or fall, causing undue concern for purchasers and producers? What will happen to the oil states when alternative fuels become the rule rather than the exception?


  1. The Kurds: The Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the Middle East, and perhaps the world, which does not have a nation-state of their own. Will a Kurdish nation-state evolve or will they be kept as minorities in the various countries in which they reside? How has the fighting in Syria helped/hurt the Kurdish cause?


  1. Iran: This country is the rising country in the Gulf. It has the population, resources, and ambition to be a major regional power. A major issue is the question of conservatives versus moderates, one side wanting to retain fundamentalism and the other wanting ties with the West. Can these two sides be reconciled without civil war?


  1. Nuclear power: At some point in the future, other countries in the Middle East will gain nuclear weapons to challenge Israel’s monopoly of this instrument of war. Who might those countries be? Is Iran’s goal to use nuclear power for energy or do they have weapons in their plans? Which country will reach this goal first and will it be used against Israel and/or Western facilities and interests? 


  1. Syria- The conflict in Syria has created one of the largest refugee and humanitarian crises in the world today. It has also drawn in a number of countries and various factions. What caused this and how did it get so bad? Also, what will happen as a result of this?