Zeitgeist Project Due 3/18

Zeitgeist Project                                                                                                            

Individually or in small groups no larger than 4, you will create a media representation of the Zeitgeist of the 2010s. Your project should include things that represent the 5 aspects that make up culture: Values, Norms, Symbols, Knowledge, and Beliefs. You may include other aspects of culture such as subcultures, cultural change, cultural lag, ethnocentrism/cultural relativity, and material/non-material culture.

Your visual presentation will be up to you. Some examples of media representation are:



Interpretive dance/performance art


Any other type of media presentation should be discussed with me for approval before

You get to work on it.

You do not need to do a year by year accounting of the decade, but you can if it helps you organize your process. Obviously some formats may be harder to interpret than others. But the viewer should be able to figure out what you are trying to explain or describe through the use of visuals.

Along with your project, I would like to know who in your group did what. I want to be able to give proper credit to people for the work the do/don’t do.

While, for many types of projects, you will be using visuals, such as pictures that are not your own, your project should be an original creation and not something you just found in a Google search. For example, if you make a video, you must be the one who put it together and edited it. You may not just take a random YouTube video and call it your own. If you do use visuals or items that were created by someone else as part of your project, you must give credit and cite the source.