Local Sports Project

Sports and Society

Local Research Project

In this assignment, you will research sports in Gloucester. You will look at Gloucester’s sports past, present, and future.


Part 1

Research Gloucester’s sports history. Who are the great athletes of the past? When did certain sports begin in Gloucester? Obviously, what are the unique Gloucester sports stories?

Part 2

What is the state of Gloucester sports today? What do people think about sports in town? How many people are playing sports in Gloucester? What are they playing? Why are they playing?

This will involve a survey of people regarding sports in town.

Part 3

What will sports in Gloucester look like in the future? With people opting to have their children play certain sports and not play others, what will happen to youth sports in Gloucester? High school sports?

Again, a survey may help with these questions.

When you find these answers, you will create a presentation that shows what you have come up with.

Part 4

After your presentation, you will create a public awareness campaign that will help people understand the past, present, and future of Gloucester sports.