Final Project- Make a Game/Sport Due 1/22

Sports Final Project:

Create your own Game or Sport


There will be NO FINAL EXAM! The last week of class will be used to work on this project and either watch the videos created or play a few of the sports produced.



Purpose: This project culminates everything students have learned thus far in Sports and Society, and is a performance-based assessment. It is an evaluative approach used for incorporating skills and concepts learned through activity. The purpose of this final project is to showcase the knowledge gained in areas such as teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperative play, following rules, safe play, learning new concepts, having fun with peers, playing hard and being a leader, to name a few. This project will also showcase student’s creativity, their ability to recognize the patterns and similarities between various sports.



Directions: Each person in class will be responsible for creating a new game or sport. See page 2 for instructions and requirements.












Working independently, you will...

1) Create rules to your sport. (30 points)

a. How do you initiate play? Ex. A jump ball in basketball

b. How many players do you need on each team? Ex. 5 in basketball

c. What’s the objective? Ex. To score the most points

d. How do you score? Ex. Shooting a ball into a basket 

e. What are 3 (minimum) defensive strategies? Ex. Zone defense

f. What are 3 (minimum) offensive strategies? Ex. Pick and roll 

g. What are specific fouls/violations? Ex. Traveling



2) List equipment, facility/boundary, safety and other gear needed. (15 points)

3) Create one lead-up game or drill to enhance skills in the sport. (10 points)

4) Write out 7 (minimum) key terms for the sport you created. (15 points)

5) Create a minimum of a 5-minute video recording. The video will be broken into 3 parts with 1 minute for a basic explanation of the game, 2-3 minutes being for explanation of rules of game play, and the remaining time to show a demonstration actual game play. (30 points)