Nationalism Writing Assignment

One of the major concepts you have learned about this year is Nationalism. Based on what you have learned so far this year, you will write an essay in class based on the prompt below. 

Explain how the ideas of Mr. Richard Price, as expressed in the document, served as a justification for the revolutions that had recently taken place and those that would occur throughout the time period and regions that we have studied this semester.


excerpt from The Discourse on the Love of Our Country

Richard Price, 1789

First, That by our country is meant, is not the soil or the spot of earth on which we happen to have been born; not the forests and fields, but that community of which we are members; or that body of companions and friends and kindred who are associated with us under the same constitution of government, protected by the same laws, and bound together by the same civil government.

Secondly, It is proper to observe, that love of country is our duty, our obligation to love our own families, friends, and country, and to seek, their good.

Thirdly, It is proper to distinguish between love of our country and that spirit of rival ship and ambition, which has been common among nations. What has it been but a love of domination; a desire of conquest, and a thirst for glory, by extending territory, and enslaving surrounding countries?

Our first concern, as lovers of our country, must be to enlighten it. Why are the nations of the world so patient under despotism (dictatorship)? Enlighten them and you will elevate them. Show them they are men, and they will act like men. Give them just ideas of civil government.

If we serve our country, liberty is the next great blessing. It is inseparable from knowledge and virtue, and together completes the glory of a community (nation) . An enlightened and virtuous country must be a free country. It cannot suffer invasions of its rights, or bend to tyrants....