Kashmir Project

Kashmir Project


Kashmir is a disputed area in South Asia that, to many experts, could start a nuclear war. In groups, you will research the issue from one side of the dispute. One side will be researching from the Indian point of view on Kashmir, once side from the Pakistani point of view and the third side will research from the point of view of Kashmiri who want independence.


In your presentation, you will explain your side’s point of view and why it is the correct stance on the issue. After all three sides explain their points of view; the class will discuss what should be done about the region. There are many things to consider with this issue, so your group will have to do some work on this. Everyone will need to show work on this.


You will present the project visually as well as talking about it. You will be required to show maps and other types of visuals. You can do this with a poster or with the computer, but you must have visuals.


Everyone in your group must do the work for this to be successful and failure to do this project will most likely lead to a failure for the term. Just doing it isn’t enough. You will need to step it up. Included at the end of your presentation will be a list of what people did what work.


After the discussions, the groups will negotiate the issues and work to come up with a solution to the entire issue. Similarly to the Israel/Palestinian debate, the class will come up with a peace agreement for Kashmir. When the negotiations have ended, the sides will present a draft of an agreement with a solution to the problem. You may begin informal negotiations before the formal negotiations. You may also continue negotiations outside of class after the formal negotiating date, but your draft will be due on Monday, May 9 no matter what. The entire class will receive a project grade based on the feasibility of the solution. In other words, this needs to be a solution that can work; therefore “nuke 'em” is not a very likely option. Everyone will also be required to write a short paper on what they believe should happen in Kashmir.


Important Dates         

*Presentations/Meeting                       -           Tuesday, May 3

Negotiations                            -           Wednesday, May 4

*Draft of Agreement              -           Monday, May 9

*Paper on Negotiations                       -           Tuesday, May 10


* Items that will be graded.


Below are some issues that you should research and know about.





Issues to be discussed:

  • Line of Control
  • Kashmir Independence
  • Terrorism/Militants
  • Anti Indian/Anti Pakistani rhetoric
  • Economic development
  • Natural Resources
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Wishes of Muslim Population
  • History of the conflict
  • Accession of Kashmir by Maharaja Singh




Grading for Kashmir Project/Presentation


Each person will be graded on the work that he/she does, individually. The group will also get a grade for the entire project. Not doing your part will affect the others in the group.


The group grade will be based on whether all the issues listed are covered and how well they are covered and explained. The grade will also be based on how good your visual component is. The individual grade will be based on what each person did for their group individually.