Week Name Description
URL ECCF non-profit directory

This directory will help you find the organizations in the county that deal with the several issues that the county is facing. 

URL Sociology Communication and Observation Doc

This is where we can share our thoughts and observations about life during a pandemic. posting to the doc is a way you can get participation credit along with the Google Meets and asking a question in the Student Question Forum. 

URL Impact Essex County

This is the website for the information on Essex County we will be using for the Essex County Demographic Project. 

URL Milgram Experiment- Khan Academy

This Khan Academy lesson describes the Milgram experiment in pretty good details. The narrator's voice is a little annoying, but if you slow down the playback, the voice is the same, but it sounds like a drunk person teaching about Milgram (slightly amusing).

17 February - 23 February URL GHS Yearbooks

This site, an extension of the Sawyer Free Library, has a digital collection of GHS yearbooks dating back to the 1920s.