Week Name Description
Page Weekly Agenda 5/30-6/5

Everything you need for the week of 5/30-6/5

Page Weekly Agenda 5/23-/5/29

Here is everything you need for the week of 5/23-5/29

Page Weekly Agenda 5/16-5/22
Agenda for the Week of 5/16-5/22
Page Weekly Agenda 5/9-5/15

Here is the weekly agenda for 5/9-5/15

Page Weekly Agenda 5/2-5/8
Here is a breakdown for the week ending 5/8
Page Plan for Remote Learning

This page will  help you navigate the class and help you understand what is expected through the remote learning in World Regions. It includes links to all the assignments and communications for the class. You can click on the link below or look at this page and click on the links from there. 


URL Media for Remote Learning

This is a list of various video resources for Social Studies classes. Click down to World Regions and either click on the link or cut and paste the title into the platform (Amazon, Netflix, etc) that you will be using. If you are not sure which ones to watch for a particular topic, just email me and I will let you know. 

URL Middle East Slides
URL World Cultures Text- Unit1

This is a website for a teacher at North Allegheny High School in PA. The site includes links to chapters in the Global Mosaic textbook. It is listed as "Old Text" and includes links to several chapters and units. It seems that at the moment, the first semester chapters aren't included. But I will try to find those. 

URL Gapminder

This info may help with your research on various regional topics. It includes numerous charts that may help compare and contrast regions/countries. It may help you understand the historical demographic changes of the world. 

URL Jamestown Foundation Eurasia Daily Monitor
29 January-2 February URL Crash Course- Latin America Revolutions
File Hernan Cortes Primary Source
23 February - 29 February URL Enough Project
This project is dedicated to stopping genocide and mass atrocities. They have focused largely on Africa.
URL Africa News

This website has a lot of information on what is happening in Africa. It might be helpful for your Africa projects, as well as The Week. 

Anti AIDS program started by several groups and made well known by Bono of U2 fame. You will find info about their program to work towards fixing the AIDS problem.
URL Africa Daily
Africa Daily provides African World News from the most comprehensive global news network on the internet.
URL All Africa
News and info on just about all African countries.
URL Africa Guide
Short list of ethnic groups in Africa with info on them.
File Africa Review PPT
Here is the review from class today.
File Africa Notes
File Africa Powerpoint
This is the majority of the power point for Africa
22 March - 28 March URL Israel-Palestinian Conflict interactive

A good resource that explains many of the issues at the heart of the debate. 

File Middle East Review
This review should help you when it comes time for the test.
URL In a Nutshell- Israel/Palestine
This site gives a concise explanation of the Israeli/Palestinian issue.
URL Sykes-Picot and the Middle East

This article explains the impact the Sykes-Picot Agreement had on the Middle East. 

29 March - 4 April URL Israel's Next War

Information on Israeli settlements. It's a good view of why the settlements are such a hard issue to deal with. 

URL Arab World Has Never Recovered From 1967

An article that links much of the Arab world's contemporary issues to the Six Day War.

URL 40 Maps That Explain the Middle East
5 April - 11 April File Middle East Notes
These notes are from a graduate course I took a few years back, they are the basis of the lecture notes, thus the test, for the Middle East. Understand that they are from a few years back so some references may be outdated, but those things will be mentioned in class.