Topic Name Description
URL Every Culture- Culture checklist site

Another site with info on many ethnic groups and countries. This will be good for the culture checklists. 

URL Joshua Project- Culture checklist site

You can use this for your ethnic group culture checklists

File Presentation Rubrics

Included are the rubrics that will be used for presentations in class. 

URL Gapminder

This info may help with your research on various regional topics. It includes numerous charts that may help compare and contrast regions/countries. It may help you understand the historical demographic changes of the world. 

File Guns Germs Steel
To answer the Guns Germs and Steel questions you can use this transcript of the video we watched in class on Friday Sept 16.
URL Guns, Germs and Steel
Here is the website for Guns, Germs, and Steel. There are many resources available here. 
URL International Food Site