Course Syllabus

United States History 9

Mr. Shaun Goulart


Room: 2214 (further instruction is located below)

Office Hours: Monday 2:15-2:45 or by appointment


Course Description

A study of Colonial America to the Reconstruction Period.

Ch 2:                      American Colonies Emerge

Ch 3:                      The Colonies Come of Age

Ch 4:                      The War for Independence

Ch 5:                      Shaping a New Nation

Ch 6:                      Launching the New Nation

Ch 7:                      Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism

Ch 8:                      Reforming American Society

Ch 9:                      Expanding Markets and Moving West

Ch 10:                    The Union in Peril

Ch 11:                    The Civil War

Ch 12:                    Reconstruction and Its Effects


Classroom Rules

The classroom is a learning environment and a place in which all students should feel safe, comfortable, and free to contribute to classroom discussions. Respect is the most important component to a successful class not only between student and teacher but between the student and student as well. The classroom rules as well as the school rules located in the Gloucester High School compass (located online) must be followed at all times. To maximize learning the following classroom rules are as follows.

  1. Respect everyone in the classroom
  2. Students late for class up to seven minutes without a hall pass will be marked as TRUANT, after seven minutes the student will be sent to the Dean of Students.
  3. No cell-phones are allowed; visible cell phones will be taken and given to the Dean of Students.
  4. No food or drink will be allowed in the classroom, ONLY water.
  5. Students given detention in class will report after school the day of the offense for classroom detention, those who skip will be reported to the Dean of Students. Classroom detention is an uninterrupted 45 minute period held in 2214 to discuss the matter and to do homework. Multiple detentions may result in an increase in detention time, intervention with the Dean of Students and/or a call home.
  6. Students who are absent must meet with the teacher the following day to pass in the previous school day’s homework as well as receive notes and work missed. It is the students’ responsibility to make up all missed work.
  7. Each student will be issued a textbook which will be kept at home for homework and a classroom set will be provided for in school assignments. The assigned homework textbook must be returned at the end of the year, those who fail to return it will be issued an obligation for the cost of the replacement book.



Grades will be given based on completion and performance on all assignments and participation. 

A 100%-90%        B 89%-80%         C 79%-70%         D 69%-65%         F 64% and below.


  • Participation                                             10%
  • Homework                                                  20%
  • Quizzes/Notebook Checks                       25%
  • Tests/ Papers/Projects              45%

              Total                                              100%



Retakes (Not Applicable for the HONORS level)

Students who are not pleased with a grade on a quiz or a test will be allowed to re-take the assessment within the allotted period of time on the SCHEDULED retake day. Retakes ARE NOT administered during class time but after school on the allotted day. A deadline will be given and when the time is passed all grades are final. The grade will result in the maximum score of a 70. If the student decides to retake an assignment, the initial grade is discarded and the retake grade will be the one recorded (even if the retake grade is lower than the original). This policy is designed to have the students prepare accordingly for the second opportunity. 


Email is always the easiest way to reach me with questions, comments, or concerns. My expectations are to have an informative and enjoyable year. Each student will be given a form the first day of school for the parent/guardian to sign and to provide the best email or phone number for contact purposes. All the guidelines are to maintain a safe, comfortable and successful atmosphere for everyone.



Course Website

The course website is a great tool for students of this course. It contains resources and material discussed in class as well as additional elements and information to ensure student success. To access the website the address is as follows:

click: OS Courseware II

click: Goulart

click: United States History I




Mr. Shaun Goulart

Gloucester High School Social Studies Teacher



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